Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Opposite of Mean Girls

Over the weekend, I schlepped my eldest daughter and several of her friends out into the wintry wilds of Alaska to sled. They were giddy with excitement at spending the day with each other—away from school and their parents and civilization—and I was highly entertained by their actions. Not that I've ever been around a bunch of 13– and 14-year-old boys, but I'm willing to bet that they behave much differently than their female counterparts.

My daughter and her friends are, for lack of a better phrase, downright lovey-dovey. They hold hands as they dance up the hill together. They tell each other how pretty the other is and shout that they love each other and shriek about how much fun they are having.

They happily and without shame pile on top of each other to see how many of them can stay on a toboggan; when they crash, they roll around together laughing hysterically, then pause to lay back and stare at the sky, remarking on the beauty and stillness of the evening air.

This window of innocence and friendship is about to close. These girls will enter high school next year, and priorities will change. But for now, I will cherish their sweet, funny, undying devotion to each other.

Dinner last night: ravioli


Karen M. Peterson said...

I love that they are so sweet to each other.

That sounds like such a wonderful day to cherish and remember.

Unknown said...

OK, this is one of those moments when I wish I was a girl-mom. You are quite correct that 13-year-old boys behave very differently. My youngest, who really is very sweet, thoughtful, and loving, spends his time with his buddies throwing things (often at each other), climbing things and jumping off (sometimes on top of each other), and shooting, stabbing, and clubbing each other with nerf guns, water guns, paint guns, foam swords, and the video versions of all of the above. They don't smell nice and refuse to brush their hair or teeth unless forced. Compliment each other? Maybe on a high game score, but otherwise . . . nah. Enjoy, 'cause it sounds pretty awesome!

Cheryl Lage said...

This gives me such great hope for the coming years....thank you!

Katherine said...

This is beautiful! I love that your daughter has such a wonderful group of friends. I vaguely remember having similar interactions with my friends.

I know that my boys with have very different interactions with their friends, but I hope that are just as positive, even if they involve more body noises and rough housing.

Unknown said...

This will go down as 'the good 'ol days'. One is never too old so sled :) Friends make the best of everything!