Monday, March 19, 2012

Almost Over

We are about 3 inches away from breaking the snowfall record set back in the 50s. At this point, although I am desperate for spring, I hope we receive one last dump so that this horrendously long and deep winter will be worth it (WINNING RECORD OF ALL TIME, Y'ALL). I'm not sure if the poor moose agree—they're sick of hanging out in our backyard, where the snow is less deep than back in the mountains, but where they have to listen to Daisy barking at them through the window. Okay, okay. The moose couldn't care less, but *I* am sick of them hanging out in our backyard. Shut UP, Daisy!

Dinner last night: warm chicken salad sandwiches, clam chowder

Exactly two years ago:


Liz Mays said...

So you're getting all the snow the rest of the country never got this winter?

Kathy G said...

Are those moose laying down, or does the snow REALLY come up to their chests?

Unknown said...

Wow. We're having record high temperatures here in Ontario. It's crazy, the kids have never worn shorts to school before in March! I like the warmth, but it's scaring me a little. If we're having July weather in March, what's July going to be like?

Bill Lisleman said...

Moose in you back yard - wow what a different place you live in.