Friday, October 10, 2008

What a Morning

A windstorm hit us with a vengeance in the middle of the night. Flying tree limbs smashed against the side of the house. Windows rattled. The front door blew open and a million leaves came billowing in. Mommy children screamed out in fright. It was quite thrilling.

The power went out at around 5:00 a.m. We're early risers around here anyway, so we all got up to start a wood fire, plug in the one phone we have that's not a cordless, eat a cold breakfast by candlelight, and talk about the "olden days." The phone rang! A friend called to let us know that school has been postponed until 10:00.

The power's back on now, so I 'm whipping out a quick post before I run the girls over to school. Even as I type, the wind continues to rage about the house. It's all very loud and wild.

I promise I'll move on to a different subject next week, but in honor of finter, here's one last post about this time of year that's not quite fall, not quite winter . . . 

Dinner last night: pizza


glitzen said...

My goodness, you guys got hit hard with those crazy winds! I'm glad all we had was RAIN. I actually was happy, because baby..I got my lawn back today! Yep. The green stuff! Snow is melted away, roads are wet and gravel, and my lawn is clear and green. I love it.

That video is so adorable! Love your music choice, of course.

Helene said...

Sounds like a scary storm!! I love the makes me look forward to Christmas (even though we don't get snow here)..I think it's the song that made me feel all wintery and Christmasy!!

Kim said...

The windstorm blew off all remaining leaves, and then we had a good snow over the weekend . . . so I guess winter is here to stay . . . in early OCTOBER : (