Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Got Nothing For Ya . . . Head On Back to Camp

All girls love pink, princesses, and baby dolls . . . right? Wrong. Two of my daughters wear blue, are athletic, and prefer books. The other two? They love pink, princesses, and baby dolls monkeys.

Do you know how difficult it is to pry a favorite monkey from a 2-year-old's fingers? You would be impressed with my mad camera skillz if you had seen how capably I held off an enraged toddler while snapping this pic. You're welcome.

Dinner last night: rigatoni ala vodka


Helene said...

Your girls love monkeys too? Bella is going through a monkey stage herself. For her, it's all about princesses, pink, Barbie and baby monkeys. She has jammies that one of my nieces gave to her as hand-me-downs with monkeys all over it and she wants to wear it every single night.

Kim said...

I'm not sure where this monkey even came from! He must have been sitting in one of my older girl's collection of stuffed animals, waiting for a 2-year-old to find him. Now he's a member of the family!