Thursday, October 2, 2008

An Apology of Sorts

Little did I know when I started this blog o' mine that the favorite feature would be "Dinner Last Night." While everyone else may enjoy reading my evening menu, I'm starting to resent this daily snippet for tattling on my lack of creativity in the kitchen. I'm really going to cringe tomorrow morning when I have to type, yet again, pizza.

You see, tonight is Survivor night. And if you happened to read my post last week you may have figured out that I'm a bit of a Survivor freak fan. During the Survivor season, I don't cook dinner on Thursdays. To my daughters' great delight, Thursday is pizza night at our house. 

I wish I could guarantee that we'll at least be trying gourmet pies or vegan dough or fresh spinach toppings, but by virtue of the fact that we have established a family tradition of pizza night, you'd be correct in surmising that we are creatures of tedious habit around here. The kids will only eat cheese or pepperoni and my husband demands a meat lovers'. I alternate between Hawaiian or chicken/garlic. Occasionally I'll order a hamburger and mushroom. I also like a plain slice of cheese pizza. Oh, I should mention that I've had a hankering for taco pizza lately. And I wouldn't say no to a nice stuffed-crust veggie/meat combo.

You can see that I don't put much thought into pizza. It's not like I wake up each Thursday morning all giddy with excitement that I get to watch Survivor and have a cheesy piece of heaven for dinner. That would be crazy.

So, in the spirit of full disclosure, I must confess that every Friday's "Dinner Last Night" is gonna be pizza. Sorry! But not sorry enough to change my unhealthy ways.

Dinner last night: chicken and rice


twinmamabee said...

Pizza is good anytime!

Seriously though, you always have good dinners, so I think you are allowed a night off to enjoy your show!

Enjoy the show!

Helene said...

Are you kidding? Your menu is far from boring! I've gotten some great ideas from you! We have a pizza night also, which is Friday nights usually.

Hope you enjoy your show tonight!