Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harvest Decorations

When I was a kid, autumn passed by pretty much unnoticed. Kids dressed up in costumes on Halloween and people set out a nice centerpiece on Thanksgiving. That was about it in the way of Harvest decorations. It wasn't until I moved to Ohio for a couple years that I was introduced to the myriad uses of scarecrows, pumpkins, bales of hay, dried flowers and pressed leaves in beautiful earth tones. Buckeyes are serious about their fall decorating!

The table in our mudroom,
where the family enters the house from the garage.

A touch of garland above the fireplace.

Each fall, I let the girls pick out a piece from the Department 56 Halloween Village series. Since I don't like anything gory or evil-looking and my girls have an aversion to skeletons, we're creating a family-friendly Harvest Festival that includes a caramel apple stand, children in costumes, and some rides.

Dinner last night: cheeseburgers

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Helene said...

I love all the decorations you have!! And that's a great idea to have your girls pick out a new piece to the Halloween collection every year...a fun tradition!