Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One Day You're Raking Leaves . . .

. . . and the next day, YOU'RE SHOVELING SNOW!

Literally, the next day!!

Do you see the snowflakes? And do you see the leaves still on the trees?! I'd say we have ourselves an early winter.

Several thoughts are crossing my feeble mind. 1) What's up with my camera? Because I took a bunch of really cool pictures of the tops of the trees and of the snow on the ground, and they are nowhere to be found on my card. Also, I got a weird error message a few days ago which could be a lens problem. 2) Why did I go to Hawaii at the end of August? It messed up my head. I returned to a chilly Alaska, and though my brain was telling me summer was over, my heart was saying, "But look at your toenails, Kim. They look so lovely with their purple polish. Show them off in your summer sandals." 3) Where is global warming when you need it?

Dinner last night: chicken pot pie


glitzen said...

I know, I'm still in shock too! We had driving snow and I was out standing on a corner with my children, holding signs for four hours during our local elections, at the polls. I called it our Civics class for school today..hee hee.
By tonight it had melted and I could see my lawn again. Phew. I need these dismal shock and awe events in teeny doses. Must build up a tolerance. Yikes.
Cute pics of both raking and shoveling Kim!

Kim said...

Most of it has melted off, but it was a real snowfall. Wet and heavy--bent my poor lilac all the way to the ground : (