Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Downside to Raising an Independent Daughter

My eldest walked into the kitchen and proudly displayed her handiwork:

Evidently she felt her bangs had grown entirely too long.
Who better to trim them than a fifth grader
who is not wearing her glasses?
Why, they're quite lovely, if she does say so herself.

I'm sorry, but a jaunty tilt of the head does not
detract Mommy's fixation on the weirdly short bangs.

Dinner last night: clam chowder, toasted English muffins


Lana@The Kids Did WHAT?! said...

Wow. Flashback. I used to do that, and regret it within a week. Then I'd do it again.

Kim said...

She didn't regret it until after she came home from school. Some of her friends commented on the shortness of her bangs . . . they weren't too cruel, thankfully.

glitzen said...

Yikes! But I bet she is cute anyway.
I cut my little sister's bangs one year, the day she went to summer camp. She said she wore a baseball camp the whole week and never took it off. Not too sure she has even forgiven me YET! :)