Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How I Spent My Evening

My daughter wanted me to curl her hair for the first day of school. It's a time-consuming effort, but pincurling is the only way to get her long and heavy hair to hold a curl. So last night we settled down in front of the TV, busted out the bobby pins, and started pincurling away. 

Even after cutting a good 10" off her hair,
she's got long tresses.
This is going to take a while . . . 

. . . I take a small strand of damp hair,
wind it around my finger,
then pin it to her head.

While I curled,
she watched USA kick Brazil's speedo-clad heinies
in beach volleyball.

All ready for school!

Dinner last night: beef stroganoff


Helene said...

Gorgeous curls!!! I can only imagine how time consuming it is but obviously worth the outcome! I wonder if Bella's hair will ever grow that long...she's almost 4 and it still barely touches her shoulders!

glitzen said...

oh they turned out so pretty! reminds me of a favorite blog...piggiesandponies.blogspot.com You would love it i bet!

You guys going to the state fair this year?

Kim said...

Bella sounds like my 2nd daughter--she's always had very fine hair that won't grow past her shoulders (although it does seem to be thickening up now that she's turned 8).

Looks like piggiesandponies is a private blog. For the first time in TEN YEARS, we won't be going to the State Fair this summer : ( But I've got some good "Fair Hair" pics from last year that I will probably post anyway!