Friday, August 22, 2008

Things to Do with Your Kids This Weekend 17

Pick wildflowers.

Dinner last night: broiled salmon, rice, steamed carrots


glitzen said...

Oh that last pic is SO adorable. I have a pic of my youngest dd smelling tulips..I loved it so much I had it made into a clock face!
I love your blog. It would be so much fun to meet in person someday.

Helene said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!!! You have such a talent for taking the most gorgeous pictures of your kids and of the sights where you live!

Kim said...

Thanks, Helene! I didn't even think these pictures were that great when I first looked at them, because I had been snapping away at my kids WHO REFUSE TO LOOK AT THE CAMERA and had nothing but the backs of their heads. But sometimes the candid, seemingly insignificant shots can be the sweetest.

Thanks, Glitzen! You know that even though we live in the BIGGEST STATE IN THE COUNTRY (that's right, Texas, I'm talking to YOU), it's a small world and I'm sure we will run across each other some day.

I've already seen two people whose Alaskan blogs I read--one at the grocery store and the other at the skating rink--but I didn't say anything, because they don't know me at all (I don't comment on their sites) and it might have been weird. BUT if I ever see you at Costco or something, I'll just go ahead and be weird and say Hi!