Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer's Not Over Yet . . .

School may have started already, but it's only August. It's technically still summer, right?!

Lots of time yet for sidewalk artists to ply their trade . . .

. . . and plenty of good weather left to allow for
the hanging out of preteen hooligans in the backyard.

Dinner last night: baked ziti, garlic bread, green salad


Helene said...

Looks like they're all still enjoying their summer...I agree with you that it's still technically summer!

The pic of the twins coloring on the driveway is ADORABLE!!! You should frame it and put it in their room!!!!

Kim said...

Now that you mention it, that would be a good pic to frame--there are some great colors in it that I could pick up with the matting/frame.

Some moments between twins are so amazing. I'm always catching mine making identical gestures, etc. at the same time. Like in your pic of your 2 little ones both looking at your 2 older ones--the same positioning, expressions, etc. as they look in the same direction at the same time. No doubt that they are twins!!