Monday, August 11, 2008

The Destructors

rumble rumble rumble wham BAM KERPLOWWW!!

Uh-oh . . .

Oh, no . . . 

Shhhhh . . . here she comes . . . act cool . . .
Oh, hey, Mom! 'Sup?

What's that over there?
You know, far away from the closet . . . 

What the . . ? Are you kidding me?!
You were trying to climb up the shelves?
And you pulled the entire unit out of the wall?!

Look at this! It's embedded in the opposite wall!
You could have been hurt!
Are you hurt??

Nah, we're good.
We were in that little space right there,
safe and sound.

Whaddya mean I'm supposed to be watching them?
I thought I was supposed to be playing Halo
and eating barbecue potato chips . . .


Dinner last night: heavenly halibut, cous cous, green peas, salad, rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream


Helene said...

OMG!!!!! But the girls just look so darn cute with their little pig tails and their adorable innocent smiles!! Isn't it amazing how much destruction can happen in just a few minutes?! My husband has done the same thing "oh, I thought you were watching them" and I'm like "how can I be watching them when I'm not even IN THE HOUSE with you all?"

Glad no one was hurt though...goodness, that could've been bad!!!

Kim said...

I never thought I'd hear myself saying it, but "I'm glad my closet is such a small walk-in." The opposite wall is gouged big-time, but who cares . . . it stopped the shelves from falling on top of the girls.

Now that the unit is out we can see that, although wall anchors were used, they were not installed into the studs so they pulled easily out of the sheetrock. Yikes!

glitzen said...

this post was hilarious! and scaaaary too. I had to show all my friends with little girls. I can SO relate to the hubby watching them thing. Sigh. Men!