Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Thrill of the Hunt

I read about an idea on Scribbit that I thought I'd try. I saved a few egg cartons, cut them in half, and painted the inside different colors.

My older girls had three friends over yesterday, so I took them all on a nature walk. Their mission was to find items that would fit into the egg cartons and match the corresponding colors. The girls took off in different directions and found their items in no time at all!

I was quite the sneaky photographer,
so none of the girls realized I was taking pictures.

Well, maybe one of them noticed.
I don't think she appreciated my mad camera skillz.

The girls surprised me with their resourcefulness; I thought orange would be hard, but my daughter peeled some orange-y bark off a tree, one girl scraped some orange-ish clay from a dirt trail, and another found an orange leaf (eek! fall is marching straight towards us).

They were quite pleased with their discoveries!

Dinner last night: seafood bisque, biscuits


the mama said...

Wow I LOVE this idea!! My boys are only 3 and 1 but maybe my 3 year old might like this? We love the outdoors so I will have to give it a try anyway. By the way thanks for checking out my blog! Wow Alaska huh? :) Gorgeous!!!

Helene said...

Kim, I love that idea!!! I'm gonna have to check out that site you mentioned. My kids are deathly bored! I think Cole and Bella would love an activity like that!!

Seafood bisque? Yum, sounds good! I haven't had that in ages!

Scribbit said...

Well thanks for the mention and I"m so glad you enjoyed the idea--fun isn't it?

Kim said...

Funny how the simplest things can be the most enjoyable. We've really gotten into "nature walks" this summer.

All four of my kids like to go outside, although the twins would take 4 hours to meander the countryside if I let them. Their curiosity and independence is wonderful . . . and more than a little scary for a mom with only one pair of eyes!