Friday, August 8, 2008

Things to Do with Your Kids This Weekend 15

Climb a tree.

Dinner last night: dijon pork chops, baked potatoes


Helene said...

It sounds like your kids have a lot of trees to climb on where you live. We live in the city so not a whole bunch of trees in our yard worth climbing. But I could see how it could be a wonderful activity to do with the kids!!

I have to ask where you get all your ideas for the yummy sounding dinners that you make!! I always look forward to seeing what you're making! I always have trouble finding something that the kids and my husband will eat. But sometimes they surprise me. Tonight I'm making roasted chicken w/ mashed potatoes and I'm not quite sure how that's gonna go over but I'm gonna use the leftover chicken for the potpie recipe you posted!!

Kim said...

Besides the family favorites that my mom passed down to me and recipes that I stole from friends, I get a lot of ideas from my cooking magazine: Taste of Home's Quick Cooking (recently renamed Simple & Delicious).

I subscribed for over 2 years, until I had quite a collection (that will keep me experimenting for years to come, I'm sure). All the recipes are submitted by READERS, everyday non-gourmet people who share their quickest, tastiest, favorite recipes. And no ads! Each magazine is like a mini cookbook, with color pictures and recipes that have all been tested and approved by real families.

They have everything online now, although I prefer flipping through real pages when I'm looking for menu ideas.

Helene said...

Sounds good!! I'm gonna google them and see if I can find a way to subscribe! BTW, I made the chicken pot pie tonight and everyone liked it!!!