Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You Can't Argue With Logic

Mommy: Have you fed Tie-Dye today?

8-Year-Old: Ummm . . .

Mommy: When's the last time you fed her?

8-Year-Old: Yesterday. But she's still got some food left in her dish!

Mommy: I don't care! You've got to give her fresh water and food every single day! How would you like it if I only fed you whenever I felt like it? "Oh, not today. Maybe tomorrow." If I didn't feed you for three days, you'd have to go to the hospital!

8-Year-Old (completely unperturbed): What if I just fed myself?

Mommy: Well, uh . . . you . . . uh . . . can't . . . 

8-Year-Old: Tie-Dye will go catch a mouse or a bird if she gets hungry.



Mommy: Oh, alright, you've got me there.

Dinner last night: tuna noodle casserole, zuchini

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