Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Because My Kids Play With Fancy Toys Doesn't Mean They're Spoiled!!

I spend a lot of time researching the latest in toy development to make sure my twins have playthings that are age-appropriate, child-safe, colorful, nontoxic, and educational. If that means I have to spend a little extra on specialty toys, then so be it.

My precious angels deserve the best that money can buy.

Dinner last night: beef stew, cornbread


Helene said...

Oh yeah I can relate to that! Our living room looks like Toys R Us yet all the kids get a kick out of playing with an empty box of Pampers or banging pans together.

Kim said...

I was being totally facetious when I wrote this, but I'm afraid it might come across as serious (?!) I wouldn't know an educational toy if it turned itself on and told me so in a robotic Leap Frog voice.

I can count on three fingers the number of toys that I have bought for the twins since they've been born: a little farm tractor with removable animals that make sounds, a bath toy set, and some little wooden dolls for their dollhouse. The rest of their toys have come from relatives or are hand-me-downs from my older girls.

Helene said...

That's great that you've gotten so many hand-me-downs! Garrett and Landon don't have too many new toys either, only because we saved all Cole and Bella's toys so they just play with those.

I've learned that even throwing balls into a laundry basket can be educational for them. Go figure!