Thursday, July 31, 2008

Signs O' Fall

Remember that favorite tree of mine that the moose are intent on killing? Its leaves are already changing color.

And fireweed is sprouting up alongside the road. While I love this Alaskan wildflower, I hate to see it so soon . . . it means that fall is on its way . . .

The death knell of summer.

Dinner last night: grilled salmon, cous cous


Helene said...

Wow, that flower is very colorful! When you mentioned fall, I had to re-read that sentence. OMG, where did the summer go? You're right, fall is right around the corner!! And soon enough Halloween will be upon us and we'll both have to go on the hunt for 4 Halloween costumes for our kiddos.

Kim said...

That flower is "fireweed," a common wildflower up here. I've never seen it anywhere else, although I'm sure it must grow somewhere besides Alaska (?)

It grows several feet high and usually forecasts whether fall is coming early or late. (Looks like its coming early this year.)