Friday, July 18, 2008

Things to Do with Your Kids This Weekend 12

Bake cookies.

Dinner last night: halibut fish and chips


Helene said...

Isn't baking cookies with your children so much fun?! I do that with my older twins all the time and while they make a huge mess, it's so much fun watching the smiles on their faces as they see something they've created from scratch! Definitely memories in the making!

BTW, I had to laugh about one of your older posts about the Hello Kitty cup! Bella is a die-hard Hello Kitty fan and she has this little HK sports cup that I thought I had nicely hidden in our cup cabinet (I hate it b/c it leaks) but she spotted it a few days ago and she refuses to let it out of her sight now. Bad Mommy!

Kim said...

Good to know it's not just me!

Is there some kind of science behind creating such successful characters like Hello Kitty and Elmo and Ariel the Mermaid? I can't believe that Barney sprang from some innocent toymaker's brainstorming session. There's probably a wealthy foundation somewhere funding an evil conspiracy to enslave the minds of our youth!

Oh, right.