Tuesday, July 29, 2008

High Visibility

There goes my husband, heading off to work in his Hi-Vis suit. It's specially constructed to help lessen injury should he ever fall off his bike, as well as designed to be noticed from far away so drivers can see him coming. Astronauts on the moon could spot him.

My husband is the one on the right.

Dinner last night: macaroni and cheese


Helene said...

What on earth does he do where he has to wear an outfit like that?! That's some pretty strong neon he's got going on there!!

Who's the little plastic guy on the left?

Kim said...

That's his motorcycle suit: it's a coverall he steps into over his regular clothes. It keeps him dry, has special padding in case he falls, and causes involuntary gag reflex in the other drivers when they look directly at its hideous color.

He takes it off when he gets to work.

Helene said...

LOL about the involuntary gag reflex!!!