Monday, July 14, 2008

Boys Are From Mars, Girls Are From . . . Diaperville?

I'll admit it. I know nothing about raising little boys. I grew up with sisters. I've only given birth to daughters. Gender stereotypes considered, I feel confident in stating boys probably would not spend their mornings wiping, diapering, and hugging their stuffed animals.

Dinner last night: chicken and garlic pizza


Helene said...

Kim, I just love your blog, esp the fact that you post what each night's dinner is! It gives me ideas for our dinner rotation!

Boys are so much different than girls but in terms of maintenance I think they tend to be a little easier. Cole could care less if I forget to brush his hair in the morning or if his clothes match. Bella, on the other hand, NEEDS her hair done every morning and everything has to match, even down to her underwear and socks!!

Kim said...

Oh, yes, the hair. I'm already experiencing panic attacks thinking about 3 years down the road when I will have to get them ready for kindergarten in the morning, along with my older girls! They all want their hair done but scream in pain constantly while I'm doing it.