Friday, July 25, 2008

Things to Do with Your Kids This Weekend 13

Play a board game.

Dinner last night: chicken pot pie


Helene said...

Looks like fun! If I could get Cole and Bella to stop fighting while playing CandyLand, it'd probably be more enjoyable!

Do you mind sharing your recipe for chicken pot pie? I've been looking for a good recipe b/c my kids love them but the frozen ones at the store are SO loaded with fat!

Kim said...

I went back and linked the chicken pot pie to the recipe I use, so just click on it to see how I make mine.

I don't know if you ever watched the sitcom "Just Shoot Me," but there was a character pretending to be mentally disabled to fool his family into taking care of his every need. Anyway, he'd sing this stupid little song: "Chicken pot pie, chicken pot pie, CHICKEN POT PIEEEEEEE . . . " so guess what my husband always sings when I make this?!

Helene said...

Thanks Kim, I'll go check out the recipe now!

I used to watch Just Shoot Me but I don't remember that specific episode. It sounds like it's one of those little songs that just sticks in your mind!!