Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Man and His Binoculars Are Not Soon Parted

Alaskan men love their binoculars.

My grandfather kept a pair underneath the front seat of his car, at the ready for investigating moving specks on the mountain or identifying boats out on the water.

My father-in-law stashes his trusty binocs next to his La-Z-Boy recliner, within arm's reach for a quick look-see at the semi trucks rolling down the highway in front of his house.

My husband? He takes his binoculars with him on vacation. He might need them to . . .

check out planes at the airport . . .

watch surfers out on the ocean . . .

or take in the view from atop a mountain.

Dinner last night: halibut salad sandwiches


Kim said...

Hi Kim: We are all fine. The hurricane stayed well to our east. It was real strange the way it was so close, yet so far. Thanks for the concern!

Would you write a guest post about Governor Palin for me? I was wanting to ask one of my Alaska bloggers to write one for me. I think the viewpoint would be great for my readers from Texas. We don't know much about Palin.

Hope you had a good vacation! Happy Anniversary! Mine in on Sept. 8th, so it is close.

Helene said...

I'm happy you're back...I was missing your blog posts!!! Sounds like your husband did some good sightseeing on the trip!! How was it?? The closest I'm getting to a vacation is taking the kids to Disneyland in a few weeks...yeah....better than nothing I suppose!

glitzen said...

Gosh, I missed your blog while you were gone! You must never vacation again...lol.
Thanks for your comments on my blog and on Sarah. I loved hearing about her through your eyes. I am an unashamed huge fan of hers. I too have been sickened to the point of tears in my eyes while reading online slime against her. i had to stop reading!
Its going to be exciting these next few months, huh? I cannot wait to cast my vote for her.

Kim said...

Hello, cyberfriends! It's good to be back. I had lots of fun, but I missed the girls . . . and my own bed. I've turned into an old fogey! I can't sleep without my pillows and blankets arranged just so : (

Kim, I'd be honored to write a guest post. Thanks! I couldn't find an email address on your blog, but you should be able to contact me on my profile page--click on EMAIL under my picture and we can work out the details.