Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Walk

Fall comes and goes so quickly around here that you have to act fast if you want to enjoy the changing leaves. I wanted to get a family picture outside in the glorious autumnal colors this past weekend, but neither our health nor the weather allowed it. A stomach flu has been working its way through our house, so at any given moment, at least one of us was moaning and vomiting. Even if we all had been feeling good, the rain and grey skies made for poor light. I had to settle for a walk in the woods and pictures of wet foliage.

Birches are beautiful year-round,
but I especially love them in the fall.

Elderberries, heavy with raindrops.

Isn't this little bluebell sweet?
She's the only flower left in my rock garden.

No wonder my girls pick the mushrooms off their pizza . . .

I like this glass mushroom much better.
It glows in the evening dusk.

Dinner last night: broth, water, applesauce (I'm not kidding when I say we've been sick!)


glitzen said...

OH dear, so sorry for the sickies, and yes...dinner entries sounded rather flu-ish! :)
What kind of camera do you use? I love the elderberries with the raindrops. So beautiful! I hope to have a nice camera someday, but until then I just bumble along with my point and shoot.
Ya know Kim, if you ever come our way you MUST let me know. We could have some fun! The girls could get pony rides on our horses, and my girls would love to meet them...just LOVE IT. I would too.
Get well soon you guys,


Kim said...

I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, with a 28-135 mm lens. Some day I want to take a class in photography to learn how to use it manually, but for now I'm still experimenting with it's (many) auto features. I took the elderberries with the close-up macro (flower icon), so it's really clear in the forefront and blurs out the background.

Be careful what you wish for, G! We'll be descending on your place like a horde of locusts. I'll e-mail you the next time we head down to Homer.

twinmamabee said...

I am sorry you were sick this past weekend! I hope that you are feeling better! (We were sick the previous weekend, so we know it isn't fun!)

Your pictures are really good. I like the bluebell and the berries!