Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Self-Portrait of a Two-Year-Old

We had a good laugh while uploading a recent batch of pictures. I remember rescuing my pocket camera from one of the twins, but I had no idea she'd actually taken photos of herself. There were a couple nice shots of the floor and wall, as well. She's a genius, I tell you, a genius! Or a copycat . . . since Helene's twins did the very same thing!

Dinner last night: manicotti, green salad

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Helene said...

Hmmmmm...have our kids been talking to one another?! This must be a stage because my kids are still obsessed with the camera! I just recently found a picture of Cole's naked butt on the memory stick when I was uploading pics from last week. Lovely, huh?

That is a very cute pic though of your daughter! It sure beats a naked butt!!