Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crazy About Trees

Alaska is not known for its exotic trees. You've got your spruce and your birch and your alder. But Hawaii? Wow!

Don't ask me how this tree grew out of the lava.

Despite being doubled over by the wind,
this lonely tree on top of a barren hill
possessed a sort of dignity that appealed to me.

Palm trees: the birches of Hawaii.

This photo does not do justice to the IMMENSITY of this tree. It was huge!

I saw this freaky kind of tree all over the place. It sends down vines, which over time seem to woodify (I'm pretty sure that's a botanical term). The vines literally harden and turn into roots on the outside of the trunk. Weird. But cool.

Dinner last: chicken and scallops over rice

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glitzen said...

I seriously love Hawaii. I think we are going in May! (yeah, may...blechy time, but whole fam is going so we are stuck in that time frame)

Love your trees! Makes me miss the big island and even the lava!