Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Solstice

We just returned from a glorious three-day weekend in Fairbanks. The drive to Fairbanks is never short, no matter where you live in Alaska, because it is located in the "interior" of the state . . . far, far away from everyone else. Our drive was one long minivan ride through an extended sunset, with the sky starting out clear blue as we left our home then gradually changing to peach and azure then to bright orange and pink the nearer we approached Fairbanks. I snapped this photo at 12:40 at night!

Besides an amazing sunset, the other thing you see on the drive to Fairbanks is wildlife. We spotted one porcupine, two brown bear, three moose, and a couple of rabbits . . . nineteen rabbits, to be exact. As my daughter remarked, "This is Bunnyville." I tried to distract her as we sped past two bunnies who were (how shall I put this delicately?) in a compromising position.

We saw lots of wildlife along the way and lots of people. Lots and lots of people. Summer solstice is always a big deal in Fairbanks, celebrated with a downtown festival, a 10:00 p.m. run, and a midnight baseball game. So everyone who is anyone headed on over to Fairbanks this past weekend . . . in their RVs and campers and SUVs and minivans and zippy sportcars and motorcycles and even bicycles. We avoided traffic on the way there by leaving a day early and driving at night, but got caught in it coming home yesterday. It's nothing like the daily commute into LA, but still.

The weather was divine the entire time, although I'm now a brilliant red color across the chest and shoulders and itching like mad from the sunburn to my shins and tops of my feet. The sun was worth it, though, because I returned home to blossoming rose and lilac bushes. We may have short summers up here, but—because the sun shines all day and all night—our gardens are spectacular.

Dinner last night: fast food

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