Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Another Day in the Life

My sharp-eyed daughter spied a black bear emerging from the woods. I slowed down as he ran across the road in front of us. "Bummer. I wish I had my camera," I muttered. "I've got mine!" she squeaked from the back seat. Sure enough, she had the little PowerShot that she had received for Christmas. "Take a picture, quick!" I told her.

He came from the woods (which is to the right of this shot) thinking he could dash across the road into the bushes and be off. Unfortunately, the hurricane fence thwarted him. Now he's starting to panic a little and begins racing down the road along the length of the fence.

A woman in front of us stopped her car and opened her window (to talk to him? What is she, the Bear Whisperer?) It freaked the poor guy out, so now he's trotting back across the road toward the safety of the woods.

There he goes. But wait . . .

For whatever reason, he turned and came back toward the road, keeping close to this house. Can you imagine walking out that front door right about now?! Yikes!

This is where my daughter said, "That's enough, Mommy. I don't want to disturb him any more." She's pretty cool for an eight-year-old. And not too bad of a photographer.

Dinner last night: chicken neapolitan, cheesy potatoes

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