Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Internet Schminternet

Guess where I am? Sitting in the library. Normally that's not a bad thing. My girls and I love to come to the library--there's something for everyone here: storytime with the puppet lady, big wooden puzzles, music CDs, movie DVDs, and (of course) BOOKS! One of the best things my mom ever did for me was to drop me off at the Ketchikan Public Library when I was 8 years old. I got myself a library card (they let you do that sort of thing back then--no ID or parents necessary) and introduced myself to the Wizard of Oz series, the Nancy Drew series, the Hardy Boys series . . . in short, I became a bookworm.

But today I'm at the library with a frown on my face, typing quickly before I have to get off the computer and let someone else have a turn. Thank goodness for the "post options" which will publish this ALL-POINTS BULLETIN to let you know that I may miss a day or two of blogging (I KNOW! You're devastated! What will you do without me?!) Our ding-dong internet at the house is gone. Up and disappeared. Ran off with its hippy boyfriend and can't be found anywhere.

If all goes well, my husband will be able to solve the Case of the Missing Internet over the phone with tech support. Worse case scenario: we'll have to call in the Geek Squad. I didn't realize how addicted I was to my little blogging world until I lost all contact. I'm actually willing to pay good money for someone to come into my home and dink around with the mess that we like to call "the computer" sitting in the corner of the family room.

So I hope to see you back here soon . . . and now I'm signing off so a little girl can get on and play ToonTown.

Dinner last night: halibut tacos

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