Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Kindness of Neighbors

Upon our arrival to the neighborhood, Peg welcomed us with a vase of beautiful flowers from her garden. I was so delighted with the kind gesture that I completely missed that first clue of her gardening prowess . . . fresh flowers in October? Isn't that impossible? At Christmas, Peg brought over four lovely angel ornaments that she handmade for each of our daughters. Then, last summer, my girls came running inside flitting and singing about "Flowertopia." What were they talking about? It was late August. One look at my garden and you could see, no flowertopia. They had been playing all afternoon near in Peg's garden. I meandered over and asked for a tour. Wow. I'm not even going to try to describe Flowertopia, because I don't have the writing ability and I certainly don't possess the gardening lingo. I barely can recognize a dandelion or maybe a forget-me-not, so I can't possibly do justice to Peg's backyard. It's an explosion of color, and height, and fragrance . . . see, I'm ruining it. Moving on . . .

Fast forward to this year. Peg's been working since April to get things ready. I mean, we plant a few seeds on St. Patrick's day, but Peg? She's got grow lights and a green house and magical garden sprites who sprinkle their blossom dust around her yard.

Here are some ferns she gave me. Just because that's the kind of wonderful neighbor she is. She remembered from a fleeting conversation last year that I want to plant some in the rock garden this summer. So she dug up a few of her own and brought them over. Thank you, Peg!

Dinner last night: chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn

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