Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Grow Old . . . I Grow Old . . . I Shall Wear My Trousers Rolled

It's a slow but steady march to the brink of the generation gap.

First you're carded by the waitress at Applebees, then a store clerk calls you "Ma'am," and one day you hear yourself remarking, "Can you believe I used to think thirty was old?" Your kids' friends call you Mrs. H and you find yourself screaming up the stairs to turn that music DOWN!

I've realized with equal parts dismay and disinterest that I don't "get" texting, and I don't care. Proponents of texting find it a delightful, fun, and entirely necessary mode of communication while Mrs. Fussypants here dismisses it as rude, ridiculous, and completely useless.

I haven't just crossed the generation gap, I've leapt with so much force my feet have sunk several muddy inches into the other side of Curmudgeon Canyon.

Also? Fifty isn't that old at all.

Dinner last night: heavenly halibut, cous cous, peas


Anonymous said...

Kim, I love this post and I so relate. I have thought these same thoughts myself but I don't think I could have shared them in my writing near as well as you did.

It's funny because I honestly thought I was the only one who thought texting was rude and useless. Then I find your post which makes me know I am not alone in this world of technology that I don't know if I will ever get use to.

Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

Kim said...

Thanks, Tracie!

If the two of us feel this way, there's got to be others out there like us! Other moms who are not going to let their teenagers text under the table during dinner . . . other women who won't try to text "discreetly" whilst in the middle of a conversation with a live person standing right in front of them . . . other people who don't need updates about what their friends are doing every 5 minutes!