Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Signs O' Summer

The birds are arriving. This robin has been hanging out in the backyard for a couple of days now.

Watch out for Tie-Dye, my red-breasted friend!

My camera battery died right after this shot, so I couldn't get any better pictures of this woodpecker. Aaargh, stupid camera battery. He was really beautiful, too, with a brilliant red marking on his head. I'm always surprised at how small and delicate woodpeckers seem to be. I think it's because I grew up watching Woody the Woodpecker cartoons, in which woodpeckers are portrayed as big, goofy things.

Stay in the trees on the back hill, cute little pecker, and we'll all be happy. Last year one of your brothers kept pecking the cedar siding of our house right outside my bedroom window every morning and I was not amused.

Dinner last night: macaroni and cheese, peas

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