Monday, May 12, 2008

The Cat Who Came to Dinner

Meet Tie-Dye. She showed up on our doorstep late last fall and wouldn't go away. After almost a week of her peering in the windows, all skinny and pitiful, I put out a can of tuna fish.

Another week went by and the temperature started falling. When it hit an unusually cold minus 8, I opened the garage door and told her she could sleep there just that once. She, of course, discovered a doggy flap hidden at the back and began coming and going as she pleased. It was just a matter of time before our seven-year-old daughter was sneaking Tie-Dye into the house proper.

Now she's a member of our family. A lean, mean, bird-eating member.

Yesterday we woke up to a trail of feathers outside our bedroom door. Despite searching the entire house, we found only feathers. And one bird foot. Did our entire family suffer temporary blindness and/or amnesia? Surely someone would have noticed a bird in Tie-Dye's mouth when they opened the door to let her in.

Rest in peace, little bird.

Dinner last night: orange chicken supper, creamy fruit salad

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