Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ignored by My Children and Moose

If you are moosephobic, this site is not for you. Far too many photos of moose are posted. Wait a minute. I do not like moose, and this is my blog. So why do I continue photographing moose? And then publishing the pictures? I am a moosephobic hypocrite. Or am I a hypocritical moosephobe? Whatever the scientific terminology, I have a problem with moose.

Look, Mommy! It's another moose.

Yeah, yeah. Go inside and wash your face, please.

And you! Hey, YOU!

That's right, I'm talking to you. Get out of here!

Okay, you can eat one more twig. And then get out of here! I mean it this time.

Dinner last night: white chili, cornbread


Suzanne said...

Hi Kim! I loved your post on today's blog mingle. And as for your blog - it's moosetastic!

My mom lives in Vermont and we see lots of moose there too. I totally get why you love them. :)

Katherine said...

My children ignore me too. Thank goodness I don't have moose. I don't think I could take being ignored by another thing.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your certainly have had several visits lately!

Caribou said...

I'm with you, I'm a mooseaphobe, too.
Rarely do I see them from our house but if you go to the back our property you are very likely to meet up with one in the early or late part of the day. It freaks me out that something that big is back there and they don't act the least bit afraid when we encounter them. I had a cow moose come after me once and I had never been so scared in my life.

Unknown said...

If I ever have the desire to see a moose, I have to either drive for at least three hours north, then likely canoe for a few more, or hop over to your blog. Hopping over is faster. I'd love to know what white chili is.

Kim said...

"White" chili uses chicken, chicken broth, and white beans (instead of hamburger, tomatoes, and dark beans). Pioneer Woman has beautiful pictures that show how she makes her version.

Unknown said...

You know I love all your moose posts! And I always call the rest of the family over to look at the pictures with me, because I'm in awe that you have something that big in your backyard and talk to it the same way I talk to the squirrels and rabbits I have in mine.