Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Spring

We still have some snow, but we can see grass. It may be soggy and brown, but hey, IT'S GRASS.

We've raked up all the detritus that's collected in the front yard over the winter,
and we're burning it in small batches.

Kathy G asked the other day about daffodils. Well, they're finally poking through!

If you look closely, 
you can see buds on the lilac in front of my kitchen window.

A sense of warmth is tapping at the door;
And hope, a feeling out from distant lore
—Or so it seems—clears the deep refrain!
—Mark R. Slaughter

Dinner last night: spaghetti and meatballs

Exactly one year ago:

Exactly four years ago:


Kathy G said...

Thanks for the link! Glad to hear the cold weather is going away.

Unknown said...

Looks like Spring really is in the air!