Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Who must know the way to make a proper home,
A quiet home, a kosher home?
Who must raise the family and run the home,
So Papa's free to read the holy books?

The Mama, the Mama! Tradition!
The Mama, the Mama! Tradition!

Easter is undervalued by some people as a time of celebration, but I find it to be one of my favorite holidays. Aside from its religious significance, Easter brings our family together in simple ways. Dying eggs is an easy, quick activity, but one that all four of my girls really enjoy. Hunting for the eggs is even more fun. The Easter dinner is an uncomplicated meal to prepare—the ham pretty much cooks itself—and everyone always loves the food. I use any leftovers to make a ham-potato bake, and this year, as she was helping herself to a second serving, my 12-year-old daughter pronounced that it was one of her very favorite meals of the year. My husband's mouth was full, so he just nodded silently in agreement. She and her dad love their ham-potato bake.

When I'm feeling down or cynical or overwhelmed, I might huff and puff and mutter under my breath that little things like a chocolate bunny don't really make a difference. But, actually, they do. Sure, my kids would be just fine without receiving a heart-shaped box of candy every Valentine's Day, but the older I get—or maybe it's the older my children get—the more I see how much our family's little traditions mean to them. The trip to the zoo each spring. The flag cake every 4th of July. The new piece that we add to our Halloween village each October. The customized Christmas stockings that I've made, and then fill with small gifts, for each member of our crazy household.

My kids look forward to these familiar moments. So do I. And if you put him in a choke hold, my husband would probably confess that even he looks forward to his annual package of Peeps on Easter morning. The Papa, the Papa! TRADITION!

Dinner last night: ham-potato bake


Anonymous said...

I agree and we are still adding new ones as we go since my kids are still small little girls.

I'm turning into my mother! (Add scream in here)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Creating traditions is one of the best things about family :-)

Helene said...

I wanna be one of your kids!! You all look like you're having the best time.

Everyone's so calm and happy while dying eggs. What's up with that? And the egg hunt? They're not knocking one another over to get to the eggs and there's no fighting or crying?? I'm definitely doing something wrong....seeing that having a nice calm peaceful family event at home can be wonderful.

I love the traditions you're creating with your kids. It's so true that we often think these little things don't matter but they really do.

Katherine said...

We are still adding and developing traditions, while carrying on some from our own childhood. And they do mean a lot.

This is also the second or third time you've mentioned the ham-potato bake. I think it's time you shared the recipe.

Quadmama said...

I love introducing my daughters to the family traditions I grew up with. It's a fun way of reliving my childhood. I do, however, refuse to introduce my daughters to Peeps. They're mine. Mine. All mine!!!!