Thursday, December 31, 2009


Some days, when I was in a hurry to get to an appointment, feeling flustered because I had a lot on my mind and tons to do, I found myself experiencing major road rage. I tended to tailgate, mutter unkind words as a speeder passed by, or honk loudly in irritation at the guy who cut me off. Even if I resisted my dark impulses, you can bet I was thinking ugly thoughts about the rude drivers around me.

Other days, when I had plenty of time to run my errands and was feeling calm and organized, I was the world's nicest driver; it didn't bother me one bit if someone drove too slowly—I stayed three car lengths behind and passed at my leisure. If someone tried to pull in front of me, I slowed down and waved him in. I didn't worry about grabbing a parking spot close to the entrance before the minivan racing the other way; in fact, I parked at the very end so I could walk a little.

Inept, clueless, and passive-aggressive drivers dot the roadways. There's always going to be someone who crosses three lanes without signaling, a teenager on her cell phone, and the couple with a big dog in the back of their Subaru driving 20 mph . . . it's only my attitude that's ever going to change. My outlook determines whether or not I enjoy my journey.

Here's hoping that your path through 2010 is wide and smooth, and that you're able to take your time and enjoy the ride. Try not to freak out too much at fellow travelers, even when they're hogging the road. I'll do the same.

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Dinner last night: short ribs, sweet potatoes, broccoli

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Mother Mayhem said...

What an awesome look back. Love the snuggie. ;o)

Happy New Year!

Lisa (Mother Mayhem)