Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I shudder to think what crotchety sort of curmudgeon I'd become if I didn't have my four little girls around to remind me of the delights attached to childhood and the simple joys to be found this time of year. The twins, especially, are amazed by the sights and sounds of Christmas. We grown-ups forget how special, how really wonderful, colored LIGHTS are. Or ANGELS! On top of trees!

Dinner last night: spaghetti


Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

Even better is the spastic blinking angel on top of Grandma's tree. I saw no value in that for many years. Now it's a treasure!

Stephanie Faris said...

There's nothing like Christmas through a child's eyes.

Michele said...

You are so right. One lesson I've never forgotten:

One winter about 14 years ago, we were coming home late, tired and cranky. All I wanted to do was GET INSIDE, and 4yo Sarah was making her way very slowly across the snowy yard. I wanted to scold and hurry her along, when she stopped me cold (literally) by saying, "Mommy, look at the sparkles!"

The moonlight had turned the pristine expanse of snow between us and the house into a field of diamonds. It was breathtaking, but I hadn't noticed it in years, and I wasn't going to give it a second glance, until she made me stop and take another look.

glitzen said...

Oh so sweet, through our children's eyes. I miss those little gasps of delight. Mine find delight in baking though..so I'm lucky! :)