Thursday, November 5, 2009

Touch the Drapes and You're Dead

Tie-Dye is our cat. She showed up on our doorstep shortly after we moved into our home almost three years ago. She comes and goes as she pleases, although throughout this past summer, she expressed little interest in stepping foot inside the house, preferring instead to hunt mice and the occasional bird.

We have a special pair of gloves, the Mouse Gloves, which we keep next to the mudroom door and which we use at least once a week to pick up a dead mouse or shrew that Tie-Dye has left for us in the garage. They used to be partially eaten, but recently they've been left whole and pristine. Sorry. Circle of life, and all that. My 9-year-old used to be saddened for days after seeing a poor little dead mouse on the garage floor; now she just shrugs her shoulders, pulls on the Mouse Gloves, and tosses the corpse into the woods.

Mice are not the only things to feel the wrath of our cat's claws. Tie-Dye has shredded the base of my lilac tree, by using it as a scratching post. Now that winter is approaching, and Tie-Dye is taking her daily 6-hour nap indoors, I'm a little concerned about what she plans to use inside the house to sharpen her claws once she awakens and feels like stretching. So far, it's been the Berber carpet, which provides a nice rough surface for her to grab and pull. I don't care too much, since it's old flooring that we're planning to replace as soon as we have the money, or Tie-Dye destroys it, whichever comes first.

Like the woman said . . .
Circle of life, little mousie.

Dinner last night: hamburger quiche

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Helene said...

Now that we put down wooden floors our cat is having a hell of a time trying to find things to sharpen her claws on.

Maybe you should get her one of those ridiculously priced cat houses made out of carpet that she can have all to herself?

Mrs. B said...

oh my goodness, she is really cute!

glitzen said...

I thought it would say "dinner last night...mousie!" ha ha ha. Mouse quiche has a nice ring to it.

Your kitty is so handsome! And sound a lot like our girl, Sparrow. Sparrow is content to live outside, except for long long daytime naps during the winter. My cats get so dang grouchy during the winter. Like me! Ha.

Mother Mayhem said...

She's beautiful! :o)

Our Ollie has been feasting on mice as of late... It's not unusual to see him sitting with nothing but a little tail hanging out of his mouth. Gack.