Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Meet the newest addition to our family. She came with the name Daisy, which I wanted to change to the similar-sounding Paisley. The moniker Paisley would not only complement the name of our cat, Tie-Dye, but would also pay homage to our puppy's favorite napping spot: the paisley arm chair in front of the fireplace. However, no one else in the family appreciates my choice, and the twins can't pronounce it . . . so Daisy she stays.

Daisy is an 8-month-old beagle. A co-worker of my husband insisted that she was only giving the darling canine away because she has a newborn and can't handle both a baby and a young dog. She assured my husband that Daisy is potty-trained. And doesn't bark.

First word of advice? Never believe someone who's giving away for free a purebred beagle puppy. Daisy poops like there's no tomorrow. All over our floor.

And the baying when we leave her alone? Let's just say that my new phrase before running to the grocery store is, "Call out the hounds, Jeeves." Then I shut the front door, cover my ears, and sprint to the silent haven of my minivan. Beagles know how to howl.

On the flip side, beagles are one of the very best breeds to have around children, which is good to know, considering I have four. Daisy is loving and sweet and rejoices in the chase. My kids absolutely adore their new pet. They run after her through the house, throw balls for her to chase, and take her for walks. We're the perfect family for an energetic dog that requires a ton of attention. When my girls have finally tired her out, Daisy lets them snuggle up against her on her doggie bed.

Dinner last night: sweet-and-sour chicken over chow mein noodles


Mrs. B said...

just found your blog thanks to multiples and more! and WHAT A CUTE PUPPY! oh my goodness! so glad that the kids are having a blast with her!

Quadmama said...

Daisy is a cutie!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I almost adopted a beagle a couple of years back, but I missed my chance.

Daisy is adorable! I'm glad she and your kids get along!

glitzen said...

She's so pretty! I love your name choice, but Daisy is cute too. It suits her.

We got a new puppy too! I have not posted about her yet. Tune in for pics real soon.

Have fun with your pooping, howling, little cutie! :)

Ice Pony Girl said...

What little doll~~

Unknown said...

I got my big yellow lab the same way. They swore she was good as gold. LIARS! But after 12 years, I wouldn't trade her for another dog. Even with all her "quirks" she is my baby and I love her. Your puppy is totally cute and makes me want another doggie. My husband would kill me if I brought home another kid or animal, so I guess I'll just admire yours.

kelly said...

oh she is lovely, we had a beagle for over 12 years , very naughty and greedy he was, had to pick him up at the local police station many times for disappearing after a scent, however he was as good as gold in the house and very gentle around our babies, fantastic dogs for children.