Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moose on Deck

Moose are not skiddish creatures. This skinny-legged twig-eater couldn't have cared less that Daisy, our dog, was barking hysterically or that I was blasting my air horn like a mad woman.

Despite our noise-making, Moosey Moose moved right on up to the lilac bush growing outside my kitchen window.

My, what large nostrils you have . . .
"The better to smell tasty lilac leaves.
These smell dead, but I'm not picky."

My, what big teeth you have . . .
"The better to eat tasty, dead lilac leaves.
Hey, I'm a moose, not some fancy gourmand."

My, what big eyes you have . . .
"The better to look at your barking beagle.
By the way, she doesn't scare me one bit."

Dinner last night: penne with bolognese

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Unknown said...

That is so amazing. I have never seen a moose. Not even at a zoo. Here in Texas, we have armadillos and coons. Totally not cool.

glitzen said...

Cool moosie pics! Love your commentary..heh heh.

Mother Mayhem said...


My nephew LOVES moose! I'm sending him your link!

CM said...

I found your blog over at Scribbit...awesome pics of the moose. It looks like you got so close...was that a telephoto lense or are they not that dangerous?