Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Like That

It's winter.

The first snow of the year fell over the weekend, blanketing the ground in white. I pulled out all the winter gear—the snowpants and the boots and the warm hats and the wool socks—and we headed outside to play.

I don't like to wear mittens.
But I don't like cold hands, either.
What to do, what to do . . .

Don't worry about the white stuff, peoples.
I'll turn it all yellow for you.

Dinner last night: tacos


Quadmama said...

Your pictures make snow look like fun! We had a big snowfall about a week ago... now it's 70.. more my speed.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Winter and I are not friends.

But I do like to look at it.

Ice Pony Girl said...

what fun!! my girls love rolling in the white stuff.

Mrs. B said...

i never look forward to the snow, but it sure is beautiful! GREAT photos!

Mother Mayhem said...

It looks so beautiful! :o)

Helene said...

Oh look at all that snow!! It's beautiful (which is probably easy for me to say since we don't get snow here!)

Love the picture of the totally looks like that's EXACTLY what he's thinking!

glitzen said...

ha ha! Good for Daisy. Guess what? We don't have ANY snow yet!!!!! I'm loving it. Spending time getting to know our new horse. Plus our new pupsters is almost house trained which is good to do before snow falls.

Your new puppy is CUTE! I love D flower dog names. We have a Dandelion, and used to have a Daffodil, and I just got a stuffed Corgi and named her Dahlia. Penelope named hers (you guessed it) Delphinium! :)

Unknown said...

I just love your blog!