Thursday, February 12, 2009

6. "Coffee, Tea or Meme"

Francesca of Three Bay B Chicks tagged me to list things I love. You'd think that with Valentine's only two short days away, I'd have no trouble listing the heartfelt and the sentimental. You'd be thinking wrong, my friend. Here's a list of annoying words and/or phrases that I love to say . . .

1. "Tapioca."
I recently saw Renèe Zellweger's movie, New in Town, in which a character can't stop talking about her delicious and healthful tapioca pudding. I have been cracking up my mother all week by using a Minnesotan accent and working this inherently funny word into almost every conversation. Oddly enough, Mom and I are the only ones who find tapioca amusing.

2. "O' Dark-Thirty."
While not a Marine, I have adopted their lingo to describe the indecent hour at which I rise each morning.

3. "Grossosity."
I've used this gem since I was at least 13 years old. It made my parents' eyes roll then and my children's eyes roll now. Win-win.

4. Wicked Witch of the West cackle followed by "I'll get you, my pretty."
My kids think I'm scary and kind of crazypants so cool when I break out this impression.

5. "Fiddle."
When I'm feeling particularly obnoxious, I'll add a "dee–dee!" to the end of it.

I'm spreading the love by tagging Jenn at Li'l Man's World, Dianna at The Kennedy Adventures! and Kim at Here's to Good Friends. Here's hoping your lists are lovelier than mine! The rules are:
1. List things you love.
2. Choose a number that is significant to you. For example: 100, the year you were born, the day you were born (you get the picture). If you feel like writing a lot, go for it. If not, then cut back by choosing a suitable number.
3. Tag 3 people.

Dinner last night: seasoned veggies and chicken in a pouch


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I love a good witch cackle myself!

Kim said...

Thanks, Kim! I did the meme and tagged three.

It wasn't too easy.

Helene said...

I do the witch cackle too with my kids. Of course they haven't seen the Wizard of Oz so they don't really get it yet.

Michele said...

I love your angle on the love list! And I've never heard that Marine lingo before but it is spot-on.

Have a great weekend!

twinmamabee said...

Great list and I like the military one. Doesn't it sometimes feel like we are drill sergeants with our kids?

Mine is "schnikes" (I made this up, it replaces a four letter word that I use to use when I would, say, stub my toe or something)