Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unfortunately, Kim

I am breaking my longstanding policy of reading other blog's memes, laughing, and then refusing to participate, by stealing the following game off Hugs, Melinda. Google "Unfortunately, [your name]" and see what comes up.

The following sentences are repeated verbatim from my first page of 2,510 results (that's a LOT of unfortunate-ness associated with my name!) All I can say is, "Out of the mouth of Google . . ."

"Unfortunately, Kim is something we seem to have to tolerate on this site."

"Unfortunately, Kim is a talented person but sleeping around in this industry is only going to defame her reputation." [ . . . true dat]

"Unfortunately, Kim's official site only had a brief shelf life, and Kim did not leave us a place for sending our fanmail."

"Unfortunately, Kim was eliminated after two weeks while judges described her dancing skills as COLD!" [ . . . is that supposed to be funny because I live in Alaska?]

"Unfortunately, Kim will not be attending the ceremony, due to her time in federal prison." 

And, my personal favorite . . .

"Unfortunately, Kim wore an ugly dress."

Dinner last night: cheeseburgers


Unknown said...

ROFLOL -- That's good. :D


Dawn Parsons Smith said...

That is so funny! I did one where you google your name and the word needs...my said "Dawn needs a new name!" LOL!!!

glitzen said...

ha ha! Some of those were TOOOO good! Hee hee. I totally plan on stealing this idea.
"Unfortunately, Geri was too lame to figure out her own game on her blog, so unfortunately, she stole Kim's awesome ideas..which were also, unfortunately, stolen."

Helene said...

I cannot stop laughing!! That was hysterical!

Kim said...

You leave me nothing to do.

twinmamabee said...

Love your additional commentary! Too funny!

I am going to have to try that sometime.

frogpondsrock said...

hehehehe I was doing this very same meme and arrived over here.. cheers Kim

Anonymous said...

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