Monday, February 16, 2009

Permanent Record

There. Their. They're.

Please don't judge my intelligence based on my improper usage of Satan's favorite words. I know what each one means and I know full well its correct spelling; in fact, for a small fee, I will come to your home and deliver a PowerPoint presentation on the etymology of there, their, and the hateful they're.

Whenever I jot down my thoughts quickly, like, oh I don't know, in the comment section on someone else's blog, I tend to write the wrong form of there/their/they're—a misspelling malady I've suffered since childhood. I almost always catch it upon re-reading my writing when it's on paper, but seem neurologically unable to notice the mistake on the computer screen until AFTER I've pressed the publish button.

So then I'm faced with the dilemma of giving in to my anal-retentive self and deleting the entire comment or letting it stay there in all its shameful glory. What's worse? Leaving the telltale message COMMENT DELETED BY CONTROL FREAK WHO CAN'T STAND FOR PEOPLE TO THINK SHE'S STUPID AUTHOR or leaving the misspelled word there forever, haunting me for the rest of my life with the knowledge that the eyes of linguistic purists have rolled, are rolling, and will continue to roll at the sight of my sad little sentence.

If you've ever left a comment in which you noticed too late that you typed its when you meant to write it's, I want you to know something.

Your my kind of peeps.

Dinner last night: stuffed green peppers


Anonymous said...

Mother always telled me their'd be troubles if I didn't lernt there rite way of rightin, I tell ya what, she we'ren't mistakin they're.

Helene said...

I make that mistake often too. As well as the word "too", "two" and "to". I have a typo on my blog post from today and I was too lazy to go back and fix it. Life's too short to always go back and edit yourself!!

Kim said...

Unfortunately, I edit myself as I type. Therefore it takes me much longer to write one sentence than it should. I am one of those OCD spellers who can't stand to make a mistake.

Hey, I even have a facebook group on the subject. Pretty bad, huh?

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

LOL! I do this all the time! I would love for blogland to have one day where bloggers can't correct their typos! Can you imagine????

Heather~sheaaa6 said...

I can relate to this. lol
Last night I sent a friend a site and instead of writing book I wrote I was so
Thankfully she didn't judge me or anything when I apologized to her and what's funny is she never saw it until I pointed it out...;P
I like what Helene said, "Life's to short to always be correcting yourself" :)

twinmamabee said...

Me done it before. Their has to be a good reason why I would go back an change mine comment tho. (I don't like the 'Comment deleted' look, two.) U shouldn't worry about it - everone does it. They're are mistakes all over the place in blogland.

(That just hurt to type.)