Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poor Little Garden

When we moved into our house five years ago, I was delighted to discover several small garden beds around the property. One of them sits in a corner of the back yard, and is fenced to keep the moose out. HA! HA! That's a good one, Kim. Maybe it keeps out rabbits? I don't know. It sure doesn't keep out the kids.

I suspect that when that particular bed originally was put in, the area was cleared and in full sun, but over time the birch have grown very tall and thick wild rose bushes have encroached. The little garden receives dappled sunlight at best, which isn't good for growing much of anything. For the first two summers, I was able to harvest potatoes and a few lettuces in that spot, but I've since given up and just let it go wild. It's turned into a messy rhubarb and daisy patch.


Finally, after my lengthy complaining, my husband has agreed to help me get rid of it. We are going to transplant the rhubarb to the side of the house, where they'll get lots of sunlight during summer and plenty of warmth and protection during the winter. I should have transplanted them in early spring, but I was busy . . . ahem. From my experience, rhubarb is hearty and I'm hoping they'll survive a fall transplant.

Artist's rendering.
I plan to recycle the little garden's wood frame by making small boxes under the windows at the back of the house, where I will plant bulbs. I would love to walk into the family room next spring and look out the window at tulips and lilies and daffodils. Tick tock! Each day brings cooler temps and I don't have much time.

I'm off to the mill and feed to search out some bulbs . . .

Dinner last night: shepherd's pie

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Karen Mortensen said...

I think your new garden will look great. Good luck.

Penelope said...

When we finally have a home with a yard of our own, my dream is to have my own garden.

LisaDay said...

May your flowers grow as big as the ones in your pictures. Our backyard doesn't get much sun now either thanks to larger, more beautiful trees.


Unknown said...

I love your plan. I think your drawn flowers are something I could keep alive. Real ones seem to die in my hands.