Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Don't Know, Hamlin. I Think It's Kind of Pretty

Devil's Club

It is a sprawling, hateful thing,
thorny and twisted like a snake,
writhing to work a mischief, in the brake
it stands at menace, in its cling
is danger and a venomed sting.

It grows on green and slimy slopes,
it is a thing of shades and slums,
for passing feet it wildly gropes,
and loops to catch all feet that run
seeking a path to sky and sun.

                                                                               —Hamlin Garland

Dinner last night: barbecue salmon fillets, risotto

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barbaramaarit said...

Hi Kim,

Russ and I have just returned from Isle Royale where Devil's Club also grows.

It is kind of pretty, but I have to agree with our Iowa writer, Hamlin Garland. I hate the stuff.


red said...

Yeah, I agree with Barbara, the leaves don't look all that bad from a distance but if you get close and take a look at the plant under the leaves it's a whole different story. Ouch.

LisaDay said...

Never heard of Devil's Club. You can keep it. We have enough ouch plants.


Unknown said...

So is this like me appreciating all the cactus around me?

Healthy Mom Project said...

It doesn't look that bad to me from the picture, but I know so little about plants I can hardly comment!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I love that color, but I bet it's a beat to get rid of!