Friday, September 30, 2011

Art Reflects Life

Back in February, I shared with you the artwork of my youngest twin. If I'm not mistaken, you were amazed and declared her a prodigy. Here we are, six months later, and she's still drawing colorful portraits. She sketched this fellow in green and blue:

His blue nose is fairly obvious, but 
you may be wondering what the blue object above his eyes could be . . . 

His brain, of course!
Did you learn nothing from your study of Untitled, Mommy with Teeth?

Here's a bald guy rendered in blue and pink, with his brain intact.

And here, we have a subject with a cold or possibly a pierced nose. And a brain.

Finally! Someone without a brain. Look how carefree he is!

A brainless man with crazy eyes and buck teeth. But happy!

Dinner last night: pot roast, veggies

Exactly two years ago:

Exactly three years ago:


Michele said...

Love it! I used to have a brain-drawer, but he was nowhere near as prolific.

Happy Friday!

Shanniel Shakespeare said...

Wooowww!!!! All the details are captured...I'm always carefree and happy..I wonder what that means????

Katherine said...

These are wonderful! I can't wait until my 5 year old starts drawing pictures like this.

Heather~sheaaa6 said...

hehehe.....loved the pictures =] and the =]

Mother Mayhem said...


barbaramaarit said...

I love those drawings. How clever she is. Of course brains are blue and centrally located.

Karen M. Peterson said...

These drawings all just look so happy!

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are so entertaining and hilarious. Thanks for the laughter. Love the moose pic's

Kim said...

Thank YOU! And I'm glad someone likes the moose, because right now I'm a little annoyed with all the moose traffic through my yard . . . !