Thursday, May 12, 2011

Eagle Eye

Weirdness. Blogger freaked out this week and ate this post, along with all the lovely comments. Where did they go? Only the Internet knows. I'm re-posting, because I figure you can never have too many pictures of bald eagles. Also, I apologize for my use of "big butt"—an obnoxious phrase that should be replaced with something less offensive—but I'm feeling ornery and am leaving it in. Big butt, big butt, big butt.

On a recent drive, we noticed a bunch of eagles' nests—at least five—built up high in the trees. It's that time of year when momma birds sit on their eggs and wait.

Can you spot the nest?
Here, let me zoom in a little closer . . .

You need some kind of context in order to fully comprehend the size of the bald eagle sitting there, guarding her eggs. Maybe I should haul my huge rear end up there, you know, for comparison's sake, so you can see just how enormous that bird's nest really is.

On second thought, looking at that momma's sharp beak and beady eye,
I believe that my big butt and I shall stay right down here.

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Lindsay-ann said...

Your pictures are amazing. I have never seen an eagle's nest or a real eagle before. The Momma bird looks so fierce, she is guarding her nest well. We have teeny tiny birds nesting in a box in our garden. They are called Blue Tits! I don't think you have them where you are. They are really cute. I think your eagles could eat them for breakfast!
Thanks for your comment. I could have lived there too :)

Ms. Bake-it said...

What fabulous pictures! I especially love the close up of momma eagle.

~ Tracy

Impulsive Addict said...

That is totally cool! I've never seen their nests before.

How's Alaska right now? Good temps yet?

Aw, twins! Fun stuff! Never a dull moment with TWO! =)

Thanks for visiting me today!

April said...

Oh, how neat! I would love to have seen that with my own eyes! You have such a wonderful way of capturing true BEAUTY!

Katherine said...

That is very cool! While I haven't seen any bald eagle nests personally, we have been watching some eagles sit and hatch eggs in nest here in Iowa on the internet. It's been very cool to see!

Jessica said...

That is a huge tree and a huge nest. I wouldn't go anywhere near that bird. Thank goodness for zoom lenses.

Liz Mays said...

You are NOT kidding. That nest is monstrous! Very cool that the eagle was actually in there too.

Kathy G said...

We have eagles that winter along the Mississippi River in our area, but I've never seen one in a nest. Thanks.

BTW, now the post is even better... Big butt, big butt, big butt.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I've never seen an eagle in real life. That fact makes me sad.

Heather~sheaaa6 said...

Oh my word that is so cool. =] Love that the eagle was in the nest, too. =]