Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Five: Joey

Welcome to Friday's Five, my weekly feature that asks a fabulous follower 5 questions.

I'm pleased to introduce Joey from Big Teeth & Clouds. She wrote Leggo My Eggo, a short post that launched a national discussion of the Great Eggo Shortage of 2009! I found her commentary quite amusing, and it wasn't until I interviewed Joey that I discovered the fall-out of her tongue-in-cheek remarks. People took her seriously and began criticizing her mothering style and cooking skills. How dare a SAHM feed her child a frozen waffle?! Fortunately, Joey survived the maelstrom and has continued writing on topics that are sometimes educational, oftentimes funny, other times thoughtful, but at all times interesting.

1. How old is your daughter and what's her favorite flavor of ice cream? Julia is 5 ½. Her favorite ice cream flavor is pink. That could be anything from strawberry to cotton candy, just so the color is pink!

2. Just for kicks, I googled "eggo shortage joey." Wow! There you are featured in page after page of articles from every news outlet imaginable. How did your 15 minutes of fame come about and what was it like to be thrust into the national spotlight like that? Our local newspaper did a nice recap of the Eggo mania for those interested in the details of my “fame.” It’s been just about a year since this all happened. Ironically, I got your email interview on the day I was mixing up a batch of Carbon’s Golden Malted waffles. I made them (all on my own) with the snazzy waffle iron that the nice people at Carbon’s Golden Malted gave me during my painful romp in the national spotlight. I do make homemade waffles now and I’m still a bit miffed at Kellogg’s! We let Julia put Hershey’s chocolate sauce on her homemade waffles. I wouldn’t want you all to think I’ve caved to Internet peer pressure by becoming health food addicts!

I became aware that my comments about an apparent shortage of toaster waffles to an AP reporter didn’t go over too well when my husband gave me an early morning phone call. “You need to look at your blog,” he said ominously. At that time, Tim got an email notification of each comment. He was interested to read them and at that time it was a rarity to get a comment. Then after the AP Eggo Shortage article ran, my blog got a ton of really nasty comments. I spent several hours that morning reading really unpleasant stuff about myself. 

The beauty of the digital age is that any time I need to take myself down a peg I can just google myself. I also learned that the AP is a quick way to get your name everywhere.

3. Alright, I've already asked 2 questions that involve food. Let's change the topic altogether. You have been very open on your blog about your daughter's hearing loss, and you regularly post informative pieces discussing the various issues your family encounters. Do you have any plans to expand your writing about hearing impairment—beyond posts, I mean, such as published articles or a book, perhaps? I have big plans for my writing. Hopefully, the world will be receptive to it! I’ve already been published in Volta Voices, AG Bell’s magazine for the deaf/hard of hearing community. I have a draft of a children’s story ready to lay out. I’m going to try to illustrate it myself which will be a challenge. Books, magazines, I’d like to see my writing everywhere!

4. What are 3 of your favorite music CDs? Oh gosh! Yesterday I posted about how I’m not that into music. Most of my CDs are from the ‘90s!  My favorites are Michael Buble (that’s newish right?), Dixie Chicks, and Jewel.

5. Here I go with the food again . . . What did you have for dinner last night? Chicken salad and soup.

Thanks, Joey! Any time someone mentions Jewel, I launch into full name-dropping mode and excitedly shout that we're both from Homer, Alaska. Is that obnoxious? Why, yes, Kim. Yes, it is. Speaking of "name-dropping," you'll have to come back next Friday to find out which fabulous blogger I'll be questioning next! See you then, gentle readers, and have a great weekend.

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Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

You did a really lovely job with this. You linked Volta Voices! You should get a gold star.

And I'm totally excited about your connection to Jewel. I would mention that even when people weren't talking about her!

red said...

Kim, you should mention your story about "Jewel and the toilet brush"! You might find yourself on the AP like Joey!

glitzen said...

I love Friday's Five. And now I am off to read Joey's blog. I think I will be hooked. As a teacher of the Deaf its great to see parents of Deaf children, and how they handle the challenges and the joys along this journey.