Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chill Out, Dawg

After lunch, I usually take our beagle outside and tie her up on a long leash to a tree. I like to think that Daisy enjoys a nap in the fresh air, while the twins and I take ours inside. Everyone gets a quiet moment of solitude and rest.

Yesterday, a family decided to walk their dog past our house during naptime. When Daisy realized that she was tied up and couldn't get to them, she started baying for them to turn around and come back for tea and cookies. If you've never heard a beagle bark, then you probably still have intact eardrums. They're LOUD. I ran out to shush Daisy and bring her inside. Only Daisy decided that she was going to use all her weight and determination to drag me down the driveway towards the strolling neighbors. She literally knocked me off my feet, people. I scraped my knee and my elbow as she brought me to the ground, twisted my back as she pulled me over, and provided the dogwalkers with a visual re-creation of a scene from Beethoven, with Daisy starring as the lovable Saint Bernard and me as the idiotic villain being pulled across the ground, screaming and flailing her legs.

Everyone got what they wanted. The dogwalkers, a good laugh. Me, a nice case of road rash. And Daisy? Let's just say that she's convinced me she should take her afternoon nap on the chair in front of the fireplace.

Dinner last night: chicken noodle soup, sweet corn muffins

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Meathead said...

Hot diggity dog. Really? You had chicken noodle soup for dinner?? Or is 'chicken noodle soup' code for HOT DOG(s)?
Hope your road rash heals quickly dog gone it! That's 'ruff' stuff. ahem...I'm done... ;)

Anonymous said...

She's too cute to have caused that much trouble surely? ;)

red said...

Is road rash really what you wanted or do I detect a note of sarcasm here?!

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

I have heard a beagle bray before. Daisy looks so innocent sleeping there. I won't believe for a minute she did that to you!

Unknown said...

We brought my old dog in the house because she can't deal with the heat anymore and now the other dog sits outside and howls all day long. All. Day. Long.